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April 2, 2011

Photography – The most common language

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Today about ninety percent of written information is in English. Until recently or over ten years ago Russian was one of the most popular scientific research language, however, English has already number one, I think. Chinese is the language spoken by the most or one point three billion people in the world, however, English is the language that the most people on earth communicate with each other. English is now the key language of Internet, and information communication and technology. But have you heard of another language that is the means of communication for even more people on the earth?

That language has no grammar yet has the richest vocabulary. It is a means of communication for people everyday despite their ethnicity, culture, country background, race, religion and even education. That language is “Photography”. The essence of this language is light, shadow, color and the moment.

It was the Fall of nineteen eighty seven. My father gave me his photo camera and said “son, try this”. He said concentrate, hold your breath and focus on that single item you want to see on paper that you can see through these lenses. Be patient and wait until you see that very moment.
It was a weekend out of my village with my family and this was my first time to take a photo. I was only 8 years old. I am from a big family with four sons and a daughter. We all, except my sister, were fond of photography and my sister liked to pose for us.

There is an interesting story behind the family hobby – photography. A photographer from the city once visited our little village which intrigued my father to get interested in photography. It was nineteen forty one and my father was fourth grade school boy and he still has a photo of him which was taken by that photographer from the city. That day with full of magic instigated love for photography in my father that lasted for the rest of his life. He took hundreds of pictures since then among which he sealed the most wonderful moments of our family and our childhood.

In my father’s time a photo camera Zenit was the most popular. He took black and white and processed his pictures at home. After processing negatives, he would choose the best ones and print. All this took enormous amount of work and he always found time for his despite his busy work as a school teacher. Photography teaches a lot. It teaches you to be alert all the time and seize that important moment. It develops sensibility, imagination and needs you to master your camera. Back then it took talent to take a good picture unlike nowadays when you can make a good picture taking advantage of the advances of high technology.

One day we went to the school basketball game to take pictures. Me, my father and my two brothers. My father taught us how to take pictures in action. He told us to concentrate on the players emotion when he rebound. He said his attempt will be shown in his body motions, but his emotion should show the fight for the ball of that moment. That is what you want on your photo! But it was our first lesson to take photo in action, so, my oldest brother was the only one who succeeded taking a good one from that day. Still that day we learned a lot.

Today, the technology advances are changing everything. Digital technology changed the face of photo camera technology forever. Earlier only experience or professionals took pictures, however, nowadays, photography became something that everyone does. The one who has a good camera, the one takes good pictures, as long as he is willing to. There are numerous new opportunities to take pictures that did not exist before such as cell phone, video etc. Photography enables people to express themselves, initiate dialogue, to advertise their business. Photography is uniting people. One can see beautiful photos taken by others whenever and wherever with the help of Internet. Web picasa, facebook, Hifive, google pictures, wix.com are only the few of the many web servers that are bringing people together via photography. People are writing history through photography – light, shadow and colors. This is a magic.

What would media be without photo, journals without pictures, and newspapers and websites without pictures. How it would have reached public? Photography is a wonder of the world of today. It reveals the beauty and beast to people. It is used for purposes such as evidence, art, advertisement, fashion, environment, just to mention a few.

It is hard to imagine how many photos have been taken since that day in Paris when the first photo was taken by Luis Dager, the chemist, one of the inventors of photo camera, in eighteen thirty eight. It took him 10 minutes to take one photo. But now there are cameras available that can seize an action in a less than a second. Also, photos are being taken in the air, under water, through the window of speed train and planes.

Although millions of photographers speak different languages, they are united by photography – the measures of light, shadow and colors. Photography is the most common means of communication of mankind in today’s world.



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